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Though basically flat for the year, most major U.S. stock markets finished the week in positive terrority… The first time in 2016! This may have folks wondering what the first 11 weeks of the year was all about.

Another typical period in the life of an investor. {sigh}

Another typical period in the life of an investor. {sigh}

For long-term investors — folks that get it — it was just AFGO, another effing(!) growth opportunity. While these periods in the stock market can be difficult to stomach, it’s really just another day at the office. Another opportunity to buy in when your instinct says sell out. 

It’s scary… It takes guts. It’s hard to see the future pay-off. Of course if it was easy — if it didn’t test your mettle — it wouldn’t be a “growth” opportunity now would it?

Right on.

P.S. (If you feel like you missed out on this AFGO, don’t worry. There’ll be more.)

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