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Brexit, The Beast

June 25, 2016
Here we go again… Yet another historic feeding of the beast! This time the beast is known as “Brexit”. The United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union, in a referendum with 52% support for a “Brexit” and nearly 75% voter participation. Prime Minister David Cameron said he will resign before October when his party picks a new leader. 
All of this creates a lot of uncertainty.

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Don’t Lose Yourself to Scammers

As the April tax filing deadline approaches, scammers are increasingly on the hunt for your personal information.

Con artists use unsolicited email and fake websites to lure potential victims into divulging personal information. Be leery of unexpected emails or phone calls from the IRS promising refunds or threatening to collect —  Read more →

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Though basically flat for the year, most major U.S. stock markets finished the week in positive terrority… The first time in 2016! This may have folks wondering what the first 11 weeks of the year was all about.
Another typical period in the life of an investor. {sigh}
For long-term investors — folks that get it — it was just AFGO, another effing(!) growth opportunity.

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Scan & Shred with Scannable App

The cheapest real estate on Earth is in the cloud.
Did you know that ZeroCelsius has been scanning documents as “PDF’s” since the turn of the century? For 16 years now, we’ve maintained a “paperless” filing system. That’s why you won’t see any file cabinets or shelves of notebooks at the Wealth Studio.
Fred hasn’t picked up on the whole “scan & shred” thing.

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Made in “Who Cares”

Did you know the last time you drank a Poland Springs bottle of water or ate a KitKat, you were contributing to the success of Nestlé, the world’s largest food producer? The company happens to be headquartered in Switzerland but draws a mere 2% of its sales from there.¹

In this brief video Ross explains the importance of global investing.
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Average Is Not Normal

From 1928 through the end of 2015 the S&P 500® Index has produced an average annualized return of 9.5%.

How many of those 87 calendar years do you think the S&P 500 returned between 9% – 10%?

In this brief video Ross explains why average is not normal.
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