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Elections, Surprises & Volatility

What a wild, wild world it’s been since the U.S. election. The U.S. stock markets have been on a tear, breaking all-time highs as the Dow closes in on 20,000.

Wondering how elections, surprises and volatility effect our investment approach?

Well, they don’t. Because crystal balls are best used as snow globes. Let me explain…
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Trump Talk

U.S. voters wanted change. They got it. We will have Donald Trump as the next American president.

Global markets initially appeared to be taking the news badly. Since then, however, equity markets have pared their initial losses into record highs after the president-elect adopted a conciliatory tone in his victory speech and Obama and Clinton gave unifying transition and concession speeches, respectively. Read more →

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Brexit, The Beast

June 25, 2016
Here we go again… Yet another historic feeding of the beast! This time the beast is known as “Brexit”. The United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union, in a referendum with 52% support for a “Brexit” and nearly 75% voter participation. Prime Minister David Cameron said he will resign before October when his party picks a new leader. 
All of this creates a lot of uncertainty.

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Don’t Lose Yourself to Scammers

As the April tax filing deadline approaches, scammers are increasingly on the hunt for your personal information.

Con artists use unsolicited email and fake websites to lure potential victims into divulging personal information. Be leery of unexpected emails or phone calls from the IRS promising refunds or threatening to collect —  Read more →

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