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Last 5 Years vs. Average 5 Years

Check this out… Let’s compare the last 5-year period with the average 5-year period.

The last 5 years have created one of the widest performance gaps we’ve experienced over the past 40 years. Five years is a long time for investors to endure historical “underperformance” from their portfolio’s primary diversifiers.

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Flat Years Don’t Foretell Next Years

How do think the stock market will perform this year?
While 2015 was an underwhelming year for the S&P 500 Index, it is interesting to look at what the index did following prior underwhelming years (defined as returns between -5% and 5%). Investors may think that an underwhelming year foretells more meddling returns in the following year. But check out this chart…Since 1926, there have been eleven periods (including last year) where the index fell in this range.

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Questions You Need Answered

Whether you’re investing for your future retirement or living it now, there are some important questions you need answered:

How much money will you need for your future self?
When will you need it?
How much can you save?
How much should you save?
How much do you need to earn on your savings?
How much risk can you take?
How much risk should you take?
How much Social Security income can you expect?
Is your investment plan designed to get the rewards you need?
Are you willing to downsize your ho…

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How Should You Invest?

The questions are always quick. It’s the answers that take some time.
Quick question: How much do you need to earn on your savings to get “there?” If you’re like a lot a folks, the quick answer is, “lots”.
Let’s say with a little more work you figure you’ll need around 8% annually to provide the lifestyle you seek.
Ok, follow-up question: How much can you afford to lose?
Quick answer, “None”.

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Risk vs Reward

Have you ever stopped to think about investing and all the decisions that face you as an investor? If so, you’ve probably come to understand that investment decisions — past, present and future — are in many cases driven by one core set of criteria: How much return is appropriate for the amount of risk you are taking?
There are many factors to consider when investing, but the core theme of maximizing return for the lowest possible risk is pretty important, no?
How do you know h…

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Turn it off… You’ll be happier

Turn it off… You’ll be happier

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Get Ready for 2019 – The Year Of Power

Get Ready for 2019 – The Year Of Power

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This is Getting Old

This is Getting Old

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