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Wealth Quest by ZeroCelsius™

A 4-step plan designed to re-direct the financial chapter of your life story.


3 Sessions, 1 Purpose

Format: Live web-based sessions    Host: Ross Gott, President & Plan Designer at ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio

Wealth Quest by ZeroCelsius™ is an exclusive saving and investment service offered to the family and friends of ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio, and is designed for individuals, committed couples and families that want to create or amp up their savings plan. The goal is to get you from $2,500* (minimum) to $250,000.

*All I ask is that you pay off your credit card debt first.

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Whoa… Someone turned you on to our program. You must know someone who thinks you’re pretty special. Try not to let it go to your head. And we’ll try not to let it go to our heads when you sign up.

What we will do is send you an email every now and then to let you know how things are shaping up for the next set of studio sessions to begin your personal wealth quest — discounted* — and secure your place in history among the ZeroCelsius Wealth Questers. Now that’s pretty special… Just like you!

In the mean time read 4 Things To Consider to re-define and re-direct the financial chapter of your life story:

*Exclusive: Program fee of $195 will be discounted to Heads-Up Sign Up participants. Told you, you were special.

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