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2017 Online Studio Sessions

Live web-based Studio Sessions designed to keep you engaged.


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Follow along as Ross guides you through the basics of risk & reward. This session is designed to remove the mystery and confusion from investing. In this hour-long presentation you’ll learn how to understand risk & reward so you can increase returns without increasing risk. I’ll show you the 3 keys to meet the challenge of investing, and what I mean when I say you can “Live by Design.” Find out why Wealth Quest by ZeroCelsius works!

Recorded live January 24, 2017


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Stay tuned for 2017 schedule… In addition to boring you with market updates and economic outlooks — all important stuff — I’ll also be hitting you up with personal issues like:

  • Why you should care less about the markets and more about you
  • Discovering your ZeroCelsius : A 4-part plan designed to get you “there”
  • What great investors do
  • How not to suck at saving
  • Designing a plan for growth: $0-$250K
  • Designing a plan for growth: $250K-$1M
  • Designing a plan for growth: $1M-$10M
  • How to keep more of what you make
  • Gain & Retain game plan for entrepreneurs
  • Get wealthy, stay wealthy
  • Milestoning: why it works
  • The number one enemy to your investing plan
  • The right way to invest for your future
  • Five money myths and motivations
  • Starting a personal Wealth Quest
  • Hitting milestones and How not to f*ck it up
  • How to retire by design, not default
  • Wealth Flows Everywhere
  • The small intense moment of finally knowing
  • Avoiding the Lost Years Club


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