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Want to Become an Incredible Advisor?

We’ve identified 3 things every advisor must do. These things will help you:

  • Make your clients love you
  • Give better advice
  • Build tribal loyalty
  • Become more successful


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Discover Your ZeroCelsius®

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It’s about turning your ‘client base’ into a tribe that will proudly wave the flag so others may join.


Grow by Design, Not Default

Whether you want to re-direct your solo-practice for dramatic growth or re-define your multi-person firm out from under the shadow of a corporate big brother, the ZeroCelsius® brand and Wealth Studio® practice model will get you where you want to go.

Featured in Morningstar® Advisor Magazine, ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio’s unique approach to client engagement is beginning to garner industry attention as a unique and dynamic practice model. Now, we are offering a select group of advisors – those who get it – a way forward.

It’s about having a “design attitude” that moves your clients to engage their “wealthy selves,” and focus on their personal financial progress, not just investment performance.

ZeroCelsius® Wealth Studio® is a movement that can transform your practice as a financial planner, registered investment advisor, financial guy, insurance guy, money manager, broker, etc. into a powerful — and relevant — force in the lives of those you serve.

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Unique, Bold and Creative. And that’s just your business.



A ZeroCelsius® Practice Partner operates a geographically protected Wealth Studio™ with 100% ownership right out of the gate. (You keep 100% of your current client base, of course.) Feels right, right?

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Stop worrying about being heard.

How much is ineffective branding costing you? How many potential clients can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? Do you feel overshadowed by bigger brands? Are you tired of stagnating? How many people are passing up your financial friendship? Can potential clients understand why they need you? A lack of identity may already be costing you a great deal.

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The goal is to grow your business.

The point is to change your life.

Break Out Today


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A Creative Practice Model for Today’s Modern Wealth Counselor.

Practice In-A-Box

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Initial fee is based on practice size, location, and other factors. Royalty is based on tiered revenue schedule. Request more information below for details.


The Brand, ZeroCelsius® Wealth Studio®

  • Powerful brand script, attitude, language training and support
  • Website (existing) with your own “Who We Are” and Contact page
  • Snapshots Manifesto and other meaningful marketing collateral
  • Chunks O’ Chill blog/email templates and content

Complete Back Office Add-on, if desired

  • Advyzon (cloud-based CRM, client reporting, account reconciliation, billing)
  • Use your existing custodial relationship or leverage our Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services (FIWS) account custody, trading platform
  • Established investment models


Complete Wealth Studio® Practice Model

  • Office styling and design collaboration
  • Proven 4-Step client engagement plan (Discover, Know, Grow, Engage)
  • Re-engagement plan for your existing clients
  • 3-meeting prospect on-ramping system that works
  • Ongoing client engagement system that keeps them focused on progress, not only performance
  • Tribal tools so they can proudly wave the flag so others may join
  • Two-level service offering: Wealth Studio service and Wealth Quest program
  • All presentation materials are designed to give clients what they desire while re-enforcing your value

Take steps to secure your location today.
Qualified advisors can secure a geographically protected partner practice with 100% ownership right out of the gate while keeping 100% of their current client base.

Be Your Bold Self

You no longer have to worry about where the next client is coming from. You shouldn’t have to compete with big brands. They can’t offer what you do… true financial friendship. Nor do you need to depend on a corporate big brother. It’s time to break away. It’s time to propel yourself and your practice a decade into the future so you can become successful and fulfill your potential.


Without an effective brand you’re just fitting in. Stop trying to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether with a brand that will get you noticed and heard. Without a design framework you’re just delivering financial advice. But people want more. They’re looking for a relationship they can trust to deliver results. Owning your own ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio is your path to delivering the results your clients deserve while building the firm of your dreams.

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