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Ambition, willpower, determination. These traits represent the great American know-how-can-do spirit. The necessary qualities of success.

As I look over the ZeroCelsius tribe, it occurs to me there is a common thread that joins us — unites us — even when the odds seem against us. It’s our ability to see our way through the fog of uncertainty. To use our insight and wit to propel ourselves over any obstacle placed in our way. 

Yes, it’s the ZeroCelsius mindset that sets us apartAnd we’ll use it to get everything we want. Without harming or judging those outside our small band of money mavericks, of course. Because, we don’t kick others when they’re down. 

Instead, we wave the flag and invite them to join the fight. Because we know what we’ve got and we’re not afraid to use it. #myzerocelsius



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