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How Should You Invest?

The questions are always quick. It’s the answers that take some time.

Quick question: How much do you need to earn on your savings to get “there?” If you’re like a lot a folks, the quick answer is, “lots”.

Let’s say with a little more work you figure you’ll need around 8% annually to provide the lifestyle you seek.

Ok, follow-up question: How much can you afford to lose?

Quick answer, “None”.


There are as many ways to invest your hard-won savings as there are brokers on Wall Street. Some of them might be pretty good. Most of them, we believe, are hard to decipher, full of unknown risks. And there are plenty of online brokers promising do-it-yourselfers a cheap, easy fix. But “easy” doesn’t necessarily equate to appropriate.

A lot of folks — advisors, experts, pundits, know-it-all brothers-in-law — can tell you how the markets are doing. And, you know, finding out how the economy is doing, or how a particular investment is structured, or the details of a specific tax law is interesting (well, to some people). But how do you apply that information to your life? Does it even matter? Should you be doing something — anything — about it?

It’s not easy to wrap your mind around the risk associated with investing in the markets. It can feel like trying to spear fish in muddy water. Sometimes you bring up a juicy big-mouth bass, but other times you wind up with a piranha on the end of your stick. Yikes!

During our 3 Sessions, 1 Purpose discovery experience you’ll find out how to view risk as it relates to reward. We’ll show you where the clear stream exists and teach you how to put down that spear and start fishing with a net.

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