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Money doesn’t matter…

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I have a confession to make: There’s little I enjoy more than tequila-induced deep conversations about life, health, wealth… universal truths. Alright, admittedly, for many of you this isn’t new news.

These conversations often return to themes of gratitude for our luck in the lottery of life. And to realign our perspective, an acknowledgement that for all our efforts to build wealth and security, in the end they matter least. What matters most are connections, friendship, and family. Sure, when sober these principles are obvious. But in certain states of mind they seem downright profound.

One such conversation ended with glasses raised to a rousing time-honored declaration, “Money doesn’t matter in the end!” To which I rejoined, “Amen brother, it counts now!”

These things make me happy, and I just wanted to share them with my kindrid spirits. That’d be you.


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