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Questions You Need Answered

Whether you’re investing for your future retirement or living it now, there are some important questions you need answered:

  • How much money will you need for your future self?
  • When will you need it?
  • How much can you save?
  • How much should you save?
  • How much do you need to earn on your savings?
  • How much risk can you take?
  • How much risk should you take?
  • How much Social Security income can you expect?
  • Is your investment plan designed to get the rewards you need?
  • Are you willing to downsize your home when you retire?
  • Is that going to be necessary?
  • Are you making the most of your assets?
  • Are your assets protected so your family is taken care of?
  • Will you run out of money before you run out life?
  • What is your number?
  • What are your chances?

Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, puts it this way: “Most people haven’t saved nearly enough, not even people who have put away $1 million.” How’s that for a rude awakening?

Is there a better way?

Let’s say we design a plan for you that helps you answer those questions. How will you feel about that? What if the numbers—your numbers—don’t add up to success? Or what if you just want something more, something better than the path you’re on?

ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio exists not only to answer these questions, but also to help figure out how to get better answers.

We’ll create a roadmap, your “Road to Change”, as a guide to keep you on track. We’ll meet with you, talk things out, plot and re-plot your course. We’ll help you consider ALL your options.

And we’ll help you monitor your progress along the way. We have the strategies, tactics and tools to arm you with courage and determination.

We’ll show you how it’s done. And we’ll do it for you. But it’s up to you to take the first step.

The first step

Schedule an appointment to begin to discover your ZeroCelsius. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have answers…and the sooner you’ll discover your ZeroCelsius.

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