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Scan & Shred with Scannable App

The cheapest real estate on Earth is in the cloud.

Did you know that ZeroCelsius has been scanning documents as “PDF’s” since the turn of the century? For 16 years now, we’ve maintained a “paperless” filing system. That’s why you won’t see any file cabinets or shelves of notebooks at the Wealth Studio.

Fred hasn't picked up on the whole "scan & shred" thing.

Fred hasn’t picked up on the whole “scan & shred” thing.

Scan & Shred : No Scanner Needed

For all but the most obstinate luddite, most folks already have a “scanner” built into their smartphone. Indeed, your smartphone camera makes it incredibily easy to “scan” all your personal documents into PDFs. I’m amazed at how few folks take adavantage of the technology. Perhaps they don’t realize the power it has to simplify their lives.

Is There An App For That?

Yes! It’s effing awesome… And FREE!

Scannable by Evernote makes it super easy and convenient to capture all your documents and store them wherever you see fit.

After a document is scanned you can immediatley send it off to someone (or yourself) via email or text. And you can choose to save your PDF’s to your Google Drive (free!), Microsoft OneDrive (free!), Apple iCloud Drive (free!), DropBox (free!), Amazon Cloud Drive (free with Prime!) or other cloud service. Or just save them to your phone for later.

Once scanned as a PDF, documents can be orgainized quickly, found through simple search functions and shared easily with other folks… Like your financial advisor, for example. {ahem}

And let’s not forget the ‘shred’ part: Paper Shredders

20160222_193742000_iOSWhere “JPG” is more or less the standard file format for pictures, the PDF file format has become the standard for documents.
Think of a “PDF” as the “xerox” copy* of a page or pages. Shred the original, and the PDF acts as your permanent file.


*Millennials: ask your parents.


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