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Speaking of Tequila

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Speaking of tequila… I’ve given a lot of thought to this: No amount of investing prowess can make up for a lack of savings discipline. It’s true.

Just like ice without tequila makes little sense, it’s somewhat pointless to focus on which investments will work without a savings plan or spending budget.

Put some ice in a cocktail glass and it’s nice… sort of. But it’s pretty much useless without the main ingredient. Whereas tequila by itself is liquid gold.

Add some plain ol’ water and you succeed in only diluting the liquid gold to mediocrity. But add a few cubes of ice, and you’ve chilled and elevated the tequila to a greater experience.

Which is why we go to the trouble of investing in the first place, right? Why else would we subject ourselves to being sloshed around by the markets if not for the promise of a more fulfilled life.

I could go on about how adding ice literally raises the level of tequila. Or how adding too much ice can ruin it. Or how flavoring your ice or molding it into some really cool shapes which seem sophisticated and ‘special’ is really a waste of time and focus; it won’t make bad tequila taste any better.

I could go on, but perhaps it would be better to discuss these deep matters in person… say, over a glass of tequila. #jinklesmack

So you keep bringing that liquid gold, and we’ll take care of the chill, ok?



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