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What, Me Worry?

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Confession: I worry. A lot. Always have. I guess it’s because I have a future-focused natural disposition to things. So I worry about what I’m going to be doing later today, next month, next year. The problem, of course, is that it interferes with my enjoyment of the ‘now.’

I worry about what other people (and myself!) are doing for their future. Which is a good thing in my line of work. (I’d actually worry about this even if I wasn’t paid for it. Can’t help it.) But then I worry that people aren’t living enough for today; that they’re sacrificing too much for tomorrow. Talk about a can’t-win situation.

I worry about offending people, but can’t help that either. So I get over it. Sorry ’bout that. I worry about mistakes I might’ve made but don’t know. I worry about mistakes later today, next month, next year. I worry about being bored, taxes, my health. I worry about how quick the future is coming at me. I worry about typos in my emails.

But the one thing I worry most about for you is that you’re not saving enough or that you’re spending too much (yes, I worry about this for me too, but let’s focus on you here). And I worry that the political and financial porn of the day will throw you off track for your plans for the future.

You know one thing I don’t worry about? Which direction the markets are heading today, next month, next year. Ok, a little for next year. But then I realize… What’s the use in worrying about something I can’t solve.

So, I don’t know who this Shantideva person is… But, yeah, he/she has a point.

Enjoy your weekend,


P.S. I find two things that help me not worry: Meditation and tequila. Unfortunately, neither are long-lasting. Nor have I found a way to combine them effectively.

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